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Rules and regulations

The organisation is not responsible for any accidents, theft or damage to the participants’ material. Every team shall obey the security prescriptions.

Rules and regulations: 24 hours mtb, 29th/30th of April 2017:

Article 1: declaration of good health

The participants state that they are in good health and have a good physical condition. The team leader declares, when entering the online subscription, that every team member is in good health. The organisation can’t be liable for health problems during the event.

Article 2: use of transponder + team conditions

Every participant is obliged to use the timekeeping system using a transponder system. The transponder should be transported in a bottle or in a storage vessel bottle. One member teams can fix the transponder at the bottom of the frame. Relay teams should pass the bottle to the next rider in the transition area.

Riders can participate in team or individually. A team has a minimum of 2 riders and a maximum of 10. A rider from organisations with multiple teams, can only race for one of the teams. The choice of team should be made before the start of the race.

Minimum age is 14. Minors (<18 years) should always be accompanied by one adult during the laps.

Article 3: bikes

The mountainbikes used for the fun event have to be in perfect condition (no normal road bike, or cyclocross bike).

Every participant can participate with his own mountainbike. The organisation has the right to check the bikes at every moment of the race.

When a responsible official notices a danger because of a bike, he will communicate this to the team which will solve the problem, if they won’t, the team can be excluded from the race. Technical help will be provided at the camping site.

Article 4: lighting

From sunset (or when the organisation says so) lighting is obliged. We ask a decent light at the front and a red light at the back. When the lighting doesn’t work, the organisation can stop the team immediately. A big part of the lap is through a forest, which means that there’s no light. For this reason, we also recommend to fix a lamp on the helmet. Certain difficult zones will be lighted by the organisation. The transition zone and the camping site will be lighted.

Article 5: helmet

Wearing a helmet is obliged during the event and when riding on the track.

Article 6: relay

Relays shall occur on the place designated by the organisation (the transition zone) and which will be announced during the briefing. Relays outside this zone are strictly forbidden, and shall be punished by disqualification. The teams can’t use a (motored) vehicle. The frequency of the relays can be decided by the participants themselves.

Article 7: material breakdown

When a participant has a bike problem and can’t proceed by bike, he shall run the rest of the lap untill he reaches the transition zone.

Article 8: fair play

The key words of the event are: conviviality, fair play, fun and sportmanship for everyone. The organisation expects a fair behaviour.

Every behaviour that can be judged as dangerous by the organisation, will be punished after a first warning. Mutual respect between the participants, organisation and spectators is important to have a good completion of the event.

When overtaking other participants, the overtaking participant should make his intentions clear by stating ‘overtaking left’. This means that every participant who is being overtaken, shall keep right, making it possible for the overtaking participant to overtake on the left. When overtaking someone, security should be kept in mind.

Article 9: Insurance

Every participant will be insured by the ‘Vlaamse Wielrijdersbond’ (arena)

Article 10: cars

Cars can’t be driven op the camping site. Teams can unload the car at the site and then it should be parked at the designated places. When not respecting the parking rules (and after warning), the team can be obliged to leave the event.

Article 11: first aid

First aid is available during the 24 hours race.

Article 12: advertising

Advertising on bike and clothing is allowed. Any other form of advertising should be asked to the organisation before the start of the race.

Article 13: power unit

Power units are not allowed on the camping site (see camping regulations).

Article 14: photographs and video

a)       The organisation has the right to register (parts of) the event on image cariers and to release this material and give permission to third parties to publish or multiply them. This also contains the camera registration in order to maintain public order and safety on the terrain.

b)      By entering the terrain or participating at the event, the visitor/participant gives his unconditional approval to the publication and multiplying of his portrait.

Article 15: annulation of participation or withdrawal

When a registered team or individual rider withdraws, the subscribing fee will be paid back when the withdrawal arrives in the mailbox of T24vzw before the 1st of march 2017. A refund after the 1st of march is not possible.

Article 16: interruption or premature end

In cases of emergency, such as serious accidents or severe weather conditions, the organisation can decide to temporarily interrupt the event or end it prematurely.

When the event is interrupted, an interim ranking will be made based on the most covered laps. When there’s an equal amount of covered laps, the highest ranking will be determined using the ranking at the last complete lap covered.

The restart of the race will be in the transition zone. After the restart, the amount of covered laps will be taken into account to calculate the total time. A possible advantage built up during the lap of interruption will be erased this way.

Article 17: rules and regulations

When subscribing, every participant declares to have consulted the rules and regulations of this event. He is obliged to obey them in the most strict way.



How does it work

The aim of the 24 hour fun event is to ride laps of 5 kilometer individually or in a team of maximum 10 persons for 24 hours at the varied and challenging track.

We use timekeeping, which works as follows: there’s one transponder that’s held in the bottle of every team. This bottle can be passed on to another team member, but only in the designated transition zone that’s near the camping site. Pay attention that there’s only one team member at a time on the track. Teams can change as many times as they like. One rider can cover multiple laps before passing on the transponder.


During the event, teams can check after each lap what their time and their ranking place is. We are no race. The lap times and ranking are purely informative!! Time scan be followed online.


We provide camping possibilities for each team. Since we have a restrained camping surface, the maximum surface is 9m x 5m. When traveling by motorhome, please let us know when subscribing. Next to the camping site, shower facilities and a bike cleaning area will be provided.

Since we’re riding for 24 hours, we also ride a big part of the event at night. The organisation can impossibly lighten the whole track. Teams are obliged to foresee lighten at the front and the back of the bike, when we notice someone riding without lighting, he can be asked to stop immediately. The organisation will announce from what time till what time lighting shall be used.


During the event we also provide technical help, which is free. Material parts will have to be paid.



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